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Martin Schramme, 2015, political scientist and author
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Martin Schramme

Telefon: +49 1573 853 90 74
E-Mail: m.schramme(at)

honest, clear and fair!

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Welcome at Perladesa Media!

What you can get

Texts and photos, articles, portraits, comments, press releases, company presentations, regional history, product descriptions, content for flyers and broschures, newspapers, magazines, blogs, social medias and internet portals.

What else? Editing the history of your company or city,
a beautiful book about your like,
media consulting, lectures on media,
moderation (clarity instead of cuddling)

my refercences

I'm media insider in Germany. I have been working for various media in Germany. I made texts and took photographs for the newspapers Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Leipziger Volkszeitung, Sonntagsnachrichten Halle (closed), the magazines Wirtschaftsspiegel and Zachow (closed), the internet portal Hallelife, the agencies dpa, signum and Oe-Konzept, the housing company HWG, the city management company Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale), education institute Deutsche Angestellten Akademie and the public institutions Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, youth office of City Halle, college Hochschule Anhalt

Typo3-backend-support for Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH

my Vita and Skills

writing since 1978
training of technical documentation
experiences as media human since 1994
practical work with InDesign, QuarkXpress, MS Office, Photoshop, TYPO3
driving license without accident since 1992

other media experiences

Film recording and cutting in 1994 at Open Channel Berlin
Practical work at the railway company Deutsche Bahn AG and TV production company Scala
2009 statist for the movie "Liebe Mauer" (Love Wall)
Co-moderation of the International Organfestivals 2013 in Halle


  • Supporter and sponsor of the cooperative Fairmondo
  • Supporter and sponsor of the initiative bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (unconditional basic income)
  • Supporter and sponsor of the pro-children organization Terre des Hommes
  • Creative head behind the Halle-Saale-website
  • Life stations

    1978 - start at working group of circle writing students
    1989 - graduation degree at the GDR-school 28. POS in Halle-Neustadt
    1990 - Studies of Process Engineering in Merseburg
    1990 - Editor and Publisher of students newspaper "Blacky" (Merseburg)
    1993 - Semester Japanology, Change to Political Science
    1993 - production of a documentation movie about Halle (Saale) for the Open Channel in Berlin
    1994 - my first article in the newspaper Mitteldeutschen Zeitung (Halle)
    1995 - first activities in the internet
    1997 - praktika at the local newspaper office in Querfurt (Saalekreis)
    1999 - diploma of Political Science, thesis about National Socialism
    2003 - praktika at the press office of Francke Foundations Halle
    2003 - first roots of the own internet project perladesa
    2003 - editor of the sunday newspaper Sonntagsnachrichten Halle (till May 2015)
    2010 - first shoots with a digital camera (canon)
    2016 - TYPO3-Backend-Support for
    Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH

    my travels since 1983

    Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Lithuania, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, Austria, France, Ukraine, Moldavia, Armenia, Georgia, Spain, Italy, Vatican, South Africa, Swaziland, Liechtenstein